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Ian’s parents were born in Colombia , so he grew up listening and learning about the wonders of this Country, but one particularly thing always fascinated him, and was the love of them for their Colombian coffee, aroma and warming mountains. Even though they were living in America, one of the things they missed the most was their beloved coffee and their Colombian roots.

Ian remembers the first time he went to Colombia and also remembers his parents were all excited to show him everything within, the magic, the people, the weather, the food and the culture; so, it was at that time that Ian fell in love with Colombia, with all the amazing things that he found in this Country, but specially with their indescribable Coffee. The flavor, texture, and the intoxicating aroma born in the Colombian hills.

So, as an adult and as an entrepreneur, Ian always wanted to show Colombian coffee to every coffee lover in over “El Eje Cafetero” (Coffee Region) in Colombia, tasting many varieties and forms of preparation, visiting its farms and hills, finally Santo Coffee was born, more like a passion in needs of showing to the World how wonderful Colombian Coffee is. But with one thing that differentiate this Coffee from any other high quality Colombian Coffee in the market. Simplicity.

when it suddenly brakes up and makes a complete mess. That was the time when Ian said, "I really need to make something about my coffee, about coffee in America, something simple to enjoy without the mess, the machines and hassle"

Santo process begins from the idea of bringing a traditional, artisan and high quality product to coffee lovers, with an easy preparation and quality flavor, to be consumed whenever and wherever.

Something Simple!


However, more than bringing a high quality and artisan coffee to every coffee lover in the World. Ian always thought about taking the care of the environment and always thought healthy and eco-friendly. That’s why all of Santo Coffee Cubes are compacted and sweetened with an amazing product originally produced in Colombia called Panela (Pah’nela). An evaporated unrefined sugar cane which is healthier than regular sugar, full of immunological benefits, a lower glycemic index and higher micronutrient content. Also, all of the packaging is intended to be Biodegradable.

packaging is intended to be Biodegradable. sweetened. What else can you expect from a coffee cube?

And... this is not the end of Ian’s story. Along his learning process and travels within the Coffee and Colombian culture, he met the people who work every day in the fields to make one the best coffees in the world to be exported all around the globe, but he also found out that many of these farmers are missing many of their first needs to live. Based on that, Ian wanted to help those people and change the purpose of his project, by helping coffee growers and their families to have a better quality of life.

As of today, Ian has helped over 5 farmer families in Colombia supplying many of their first needs and education for their children. His goal is to help farmers around the world in many countries.

Hope you enjoyyour cubes as much as we do!


Ian Bernal

Founder, Coffee Cubes
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